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MyHeart-REP Career & Facilitation Fest 2022

(MyHeart-REP CaFe 2022)

30 May - 27 June 2022

    MyHeart-REP Career & Facilitation Fest 2022

    MyHeart-REP CaFe 2022 is a month-long facilitation event that offers many activities to existing and potential REP applicants, such as a Virtual Career Fair, Webinar with Employers, Virtual Booths with Employers, Engagement with Recruiters, Meet and Greet with Schools, and REP Information Sessions.Find out more below.

    Virtual Career Fair

    MyHeart-REP CaFe 2022 will also include a virtual career fair throughout the month, which aims to connect you with hiring companies to seek suitable opportunities that match your skills and expertise.This aligns with our effort to ensure a sustainable return and end-to-end facilitation framework for Malaysians abroad interested in returning home.

    Education For Your Kids

    As parents, we understand that returning home can be difficult as you must also prioritise the needs of your children. To ensure a smooth and holistic transition from abroad, our initiatives also include connecting REP-approved applicants to education institutions in Malaysia to meet broader family needs from early, primary, secondary, and tertiary education.

    Get To Know More About REP

    Now that your REP application has been approved, you must wonder what you should do next?Worry not; in this MyHeart-REP CaFe 2022, there will be information sessions with different stakeholders to help address your questions and concerns about the process for a smooth & worry-free return.

    Participating Companies